Welcome to my Photo Journal from my Studio Gallery and visits to France
Painting in my studio using my "Spoon" technique
to paint Poppies in the Country
Painting in my studio a big triptych Water Lilies
Final touch up on my tree
series .
Working in the studio on a commission
Enjoying company in the studio!
Love the mountain sceneries of the Alps and love
to paint them too.
Enjoying a great lunch at my sister's house.
View of the mountain where I grew up
An afternoon in Crest, the town of my highschool.
Enjoying a Sunday dinner to enjoy the company
and the food with family in France
The house I grew up in that has been in our family
for generation and generation.
Isabelle Dupuy
French  Contemporary Landscape  Artist
Along the waterways of Annecy, France
Country home, Rhone Valley, France
Pont du Gard, Rhone Valley, France
Near Briancon, France
Along the banks of Lake Annecy, France
Haystack ready for use near Montelimar, France
Mountain daisies near Chamonix, France
Field for harvest near Crest, France
Sunflower fields from southern France
Farm home in Southern France
Working in a sunflower field in Southern France
Amongst lavender in South/Central France
Landscape painting in South/Central France
Painting landscape in the Ardeche/Drome region
Finding a great painting subject in Provence
A Farm house with Olive Trees in Provence
Amongst Popular Trees in the Ardeche/Drome Region
Sycamore Trees in the Haute Alpes
Mountain Streams near Briancon, France
Back in Nature