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How can I represent
Isabelle Dupuy Artwork?
Isabelle Dupuy artwork has made it's mark in throughout the United States. Together with galleries, she has been able
create success for her galleries and a name for her artwork.

One fundamental thing about becoming a dealer of Isabelle Dupuy artwork is that you will always have a direct line with the
artist. You, as the gallery owner or director are the priority. You have the insight about your clients and your market. As an
experienced, professional artist, she will work with you to keep her work fresh and marketable based on your needs and

What makes Isabelle Dupuy different?

Isabelle Dupuy artwork is very unique with its bright colors and bold textures.  Her paintings will brighten a room with
vibriance and her collectors say it over and over that her art make them happy!  Her art is very different yet inspired by  
impressionistic masters, especially Claude Monet and Van Gogh. This gives her work a familiarity and connecting point with
the public. Her work is full of texture which gives a very three dimentional effect, a significant current trend in the decor
world. Her style is very contemporary, yet differentiated. One example of her differentiation is clearly visable as you notice
that she paints on the sides of gallery wrap canvas making the landscape and scenery continue beyond the natural borders.

Isabelle artwork is affordable.  Isabelle's goal is to have her artwork that fit the budget's of today's challenging economy
without sacrificing, quality, care, and creativity.

Isabelle is quick to fill in your orders. Based on her style and techniques, she can turnaround requirements and orders. If
Isabelle website is a great tool to use for your client to view and to order special commissions.  Isabelle is very flexible to
collaborate with your client on a specific commission and she will make sure they are satisfied with her work.  Isabelle can
paint most any basic size, colors, etc... to make sure the painting matches the client's tastes, needs, and home decor.

You may contact Isabelle by clicking on "contact" on the top or email her at is looking
forward to hear from you and eager to see how her unique work will excite your clients and motivate your staff.
Isabelle Dupuy at one of her partner galleries in Louisiana, Sutton Galleries
located on Royal Street in New Orleans.
Isabelle Dupuy
From the Studios of 3D Impressionism