All artwork shown are the property of Isabelle Dupuy, Texas and are protected under US and international copyright laws.
Isabelle Dupuy
Wild Roses by the Beach
30"x 40"
Cape Cod Postcard
20"x 16"
Dream with Me
24"x 16"
West Coast Memories
30"x 40"
Chasing Daybreak
30"x 40"
October Sunset
30"x 30"
Calm Breeze
30"x 40"
Sailing in the Spring
24"x 36"
Raging Wind Experiences
30"x 40"

Newly inspired and most recent to Isabelle's collections are the waterscapes. Directly influenced by seascapes of Western France,
the Mediterranean and the coasts of the United States Isabelle soaks in the color and experience the movement of these great bodies
of water. Her work varies from capturing breathtaking sunsets, to calming water views, to the excitement that comes from the
adventure of water sports.

Below is a sampling of popular original artworks that are represented in her galleries and are available through commission.
Click on an image for more details about how obtain and Isabelle Dupuy Artwork.
Seascape Jewels
30"x 40"
Sunset Jewels
30"x 40"
Guardian of the Shore
30"x 40"
From the Studios of 3D Impressionism