All artwork shown are the property of Isabelle Dupuy, Texas and are protected under US and international copyright laws.
Isabelle Dupuy
Blossoming in the Water

As an artist, Isabelle have long enjoyed the beauty that comes from flowers blossoming in the still water. As Isabelle began to study,
observe, and photograph these wild water lilies in the fall, winter and spring, she realized how much of a Pandora’s box they are in
terms of shape, texture, color, and lighting.  Not only is there a natural variety of water reflection, but also the lily pads and budding
flowers illustrate nature’s true mysteries. As Isabelle unlocks the visual mystery on canvas, she can explore different light based on
the season and time of the day.  This lends the chance to create a variety of pieces that are very colorful and unique.

Below are images of original artworks that has been sold. An artwork of a similar style may be available. Please contact the gallery
that you are working with or visit to inquire if you have lost contact with the gallery.
We will put you in touch with your gallery. An artwork similar to this one may also be commissioned based on a particular size or
budget.  However, it will have its own look, feel, and movement and will not be the same. It will have the same theme, but colors and
lighting may be slightly different, especially as the 3D artwork can appear different in photographs based on different lighting/photo
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