Thank you for your interest in Isabelle Dupuy's Artwork

If you are interested in inquiring about this specific piece or commissioning an artwork with a similar
theme, please use the form below. You will be contacted shortly, usually within 24 hours.  
First Step - CLICK and select the style and series.

-First, click through the various artworks to navigate and choose the style and series.

-You can select the painting or elements of a few paintings that caught your eye to decide on the style and theme of your
commissioned painting.

Second Step -  CUSTOMIZE and choose the size

Think about...

-Where do you plan to hang your new painting?
-What size works best for you?
-Do you need a portrait or a landscape orientation?

As each canvas is custom made in Texas, there is virtually no limit to the sizes that you can request.  You can view some
examples of painting sizes by clicking
painting sizes.

Third Step - CREATION and your approval of the commission

-After the details of the painting have been decided, you discuss with Isabelle the style, colors, etc... and provide a deposit to
allow Isabelle to order the materials and begin the painting.

-Once it is completed, Isabelle will email you a photo of the finished painting for you to review and approve.

-After the painting has been approved and the remaining balance has been covered, We will pack your painting and ship it directly
to you. A few days later, you will be able to hang your new Isabelle Dupuy creation to enjoy!

And that's it! You clicked and customized and with your input, Isabelle will create.
Isabelle Dupuy
From the studios of 3D Impressionism
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Isabelle Dupuy Artist
3D Impressionism, LLC
Click, Customize and Create! Those are the basic ingredients to taking the next step in
commissioning a painting from Isabelle Dupuy Artist.

Commissioning a painting may sound like an intimidating process.

However,  fun, exciting learning process for both of us. Many of our clients that commission
with us are first time art buyers. We strive to do most of the work to make the experience

We also try to learn from you what colors, styles, etc... that fit best with your home.  If the
image that you selected is not currently available, or you prefer a different size, you may
choose to commission a painting. Below are the three steps in the process.